Dinosaur Footprints Rescued from Colorado Golf Course

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A real-life dinosaur footprint made its escape from the Fossil Trace Golf Course in Golden, Colorado. Here’s the scoop on how a team of experts pulled off this prehistoric rescue mission.

Safety First: The Dinosaur Dilemma

Not too long ago, the Friends of Dinosaur Ridge group realized that more than 40% of the rock containing the dinosaur footprint was on the verge of breaking away from the larger wall. If that massive piece fell, it would’ve been game over for the ancient relic. The risk was real, and they had to act fast.

The Heroic Extraction

Colton Snyder, a paleontologist from History Colorado, explained their plan to CBS News Colorado. The idea was to carefully remove the footprint, so it didn’t end up in pieces. The team worked their magic, ensuring the footprint was safely extracted.

Protection Mode: The Dinosaur’s New Home

Once they got their hands on the footprint, they bundled it up in a protective field jacket and layered on some plaster. This was their way of safeguarding the print so it didn’t suffer any harm. The last thing they wanted was for this priceless piece of history to hit the ground and shatter into bits.

On Display: Coming Soon to a Museum Near You

So, what’s next for this rescued dino print? Well, it’s going to be a star in the making, on display at the Golden History Museum later this year. Imagine strolling through the museum and getting up close and personal with a footprint from a real triceratops. It’s like stepping back in time!

More Footprint Adventures: Dinosaur Ridge

But wait, there’s more! Dinosaur enthusiasts, especially those who hang out near Dinosaur Ridge near Morrison, Colorado, have their own treasure trove of dino footprints. But there’s a twist. Those footprints are in danger of being wiped away by unpredictable weather.

To ensure these relics stay with us, experts are using drones to map and document them. It’s like creating a digital diary for these ancient footprints.

Golden’s Geological Gem

Nathan Richie, the director of the Golden History Museum, summed it up nicely when he said, “We are in one of the most important fossil areas in all of Colorado, arguably one of the most important places in the entire world.” Golden, Colorado, holds a special place in the hearts of dinosaur enthusiasts, and these efforts to protect and showcase their history are a testament to the importance of preserving our prehistoric past.


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