Crushing Natalia in Mobile Legends: A Guide for Newbies

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Ever felt that nervousness when you see Natalia on the other team in Mobile Legends? Her sneaky moves and quick eliminations can change the game in a blink. Don’t worry! This article has your back with some solid tips on how to take down Natalia effectively.

Effective Strategies to Counter Natalia in Mobile Legends

Facing Natalia can be tough, especially if she’s got a strong build. But with the right moves, you can handle her better and keep her from wrecking your team. Check out these strategies:

  1. Pick Heroes with Crowd Control (CC): Choose heroes with moves like stuns, slows, or knock-ups. These work great against Natalia. When she tries to get close, hit her with these moves. It gives your team time to react or escape.
  2. Use Vision and Awareness: Natalia’s weak when she’s in Stealth mode. Make sure your team can see well by placing wards in smart spots like the jungle or river. If Natalia is spotted where you are, tell your team and be careful not to fall into her trap.
  3. Boost Team Communication: Talking with your team is key. Let them know if Natalia disappears or if she’s seen in a certain area. Work together to face Natalia and don’t go off alone without good vision.
  4. Play Defensively: If Natalia’s a big threat, play it safe. Avoid going solo, focus on safe farming, and stay close to your teammates. Playing defensively keeps you safer.
  5. Use Anti-Stealth Items: There are items in Mobile Legends that help against Natalia and other Stealth heroes. Items like Oracle and Winter Truncheon give shields and make you invulnerable when hit by unseen enemies. This helps you stay alive longer and fight back.
  6. Watch Natalia’s Timing: Natalia relies on perfect timing. Figure out when she might try to enter or exit Stealth mode. Be ready to react fast.
  7. Protect Your Carry: If you’re a tank or support, shield your carry from Natalia’s attacks. Stick close to your carry and be ready to help if Natalia goes after them.

Heroes Perfect for Countering Natalia

Some heroes in Mobile Legends are just right for dealing with Natalia. Here are a few examples:

  1. Selena: Selena is a mage with strong crowd control. Her Abyssal Arrow stops Natalia, and her traps help detect Natalia’s moves.
  2. Chou: Chou is a fighter with awesome crowd control. His Jeet Kune Do move is effective against Natalia, restricting her movements and forcing her out of Stealth.
  3. Jawhead: Jawhead is a fighter who can jump and lift enemies. His Ejector move lifts Natalia out of Stealth, stopping her moves. Plus, his powerful VTBET attacks crush Natalia fast.
  4. Akai: Akai is a tank with strong crowd control. His Hurricane Dance locks Natalia in place, limiting her actions. Akai can also protect the carry from Natalia’s attacks.
  5. Helcurt: Helcurt relies on Stealth and is a good counter to Natalia. His Darkness Stance can silence Natalia, stopping her moves and attacks.
  6. Cyclops: Cyclops is a mage with high burst damage. His area-of-effect skills deal big damage to Natalia, and his Starlit Hourglass helps detect Natalia.
  7. Pharsa: Pharsa is a mage with a wide attack range. Her Ultimate, Feathered Air Strike, hits Natalia even in Stealth. This makes Natalia more vulnerable and helps the team fight her.

Remember, the hero you pick to counter Natalia should match your skills and style. Good communication and teamwork are key to beating Natalia successfully.

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