The Wrap Review

TheWrap Review

The Wrap reviews Feast of the Seven Fishes movie: Indie Charmer Captures a Boisterous Family Christmas. Disarming and delightful, the sleeper indie comedy “Feast of the Seven Fishes” proves anew that the most universal storytelling is also the most specific. If your parents or grandparents were immigrants to the United States, you’re likely to recognize your family here, no matter what holiday you celebrate or…

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Variety Review feast of the seven fishes movie

Variety Film Review

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Early on in “Feast of the Seven Fishes,” two characters debate the optimal way to decorate a house for Christmas. One favors an “understated” approach, with white lights and little more; the other argues that the holidays are no time for subtlety, advocating green, red and gold sparkle as far as the semi-blinded eye can see…

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Film Threat Review

Film Threat’s Nick Rocco Scalia reviews the movie: Tinnell’s film Feast of the Seven Fishes is a warm-hearted, consciously low-stakes romantic comedy that, for me, at least, succeeds where so many “feel-good” holiday movies have fallen short: it actually made me feel good. I’ve seen better films this year, for sure, but none have brought the same kind of sentimental smile to my face that this one did..

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